Blog roll

1)Animation Art: What I really like about this massive hub of initial sketches, tips, and videos is that they are of both Western and anime influence, and that there is a sheer amount of each of them. There is almost no text on the front page, but clicking on any picture may lead to the picture’s description and occasionally the source of the picture. This Tumblr page will also accept and sometimes answer any questions concerning the subject.

2)Gravity Falls and Legend of Korra: both Tumblr artist blogs maintained by the actual creators of their respective shows. Sometimes they “reblog” posts made by their fans and puts their posts on their page for everyone to see.

3) Random Curiosity: This episodic review blog is kept up with by numerous bloggers with different opinions and personalities behind their posts, sometimes collaborating on a single episode post in order to get their views across to their readers.

4)Cartoon Brew: A mostly Western animation blog that updates daily. They writer includes new videos, reviews, and several interviews within the industry.

5)Kotaku: Not only does it talk about video game and anime reviews, but it also talks in depth about the animation industry as a whole as well as what is trending.

(Will update this page more later!)


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