New Media Art Response

The story behind how the current new media art came to be and how it can hold appeal even with an audience who aren’t actively art appreciators is an interesting one, notably its role on the internet world. Ironically enough, despite an artwork’s material intangibility within social networks for instance, the amount of feedback from the audience – via “likes”, “shares”, comments, and sometimes more feedback within the hashtags if there is that option – is far more tangible than if an artist’s work is viewed with the same amount of people within the space of a museum gallery all at once. In that regard, I believe the narrative behind the art, between both the artist and the viewer, are more freely and more enthusiastically discussed within the digital space, than if one merely presents and the other take in the message of the piece. This may especially hold true when the piece has political undertones, where people can talk about what the new media art is expressing, rather than interpreting the piece by oneself.


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