Artist feature: Loish


I’m cheating a bit here because this is technically a 2D animation blog, not a 2D illustration blog but this is still relevant!

Loish is currently a freelance 2D illustrator and animator who resides in the Netherlands. I’ve been admiring her artwork on DeviantArt for a few years and even now, I believe she is actually one of the most well-rounded artists I’ve ever seen. As in, she can draw varied character designs of both male and female, tech machines, old people, color just as gorgeously, and is able to animate several quirky little character and animal sequences. But really, go check out her website (and she is on several other common social networks as well), because not only does she post her wide array of a portfolio for everyone to see, but she also shares some resources and answers several useful questions to any aspiring artist. Hope this provided anyone some new creative inspiration!


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