This year’s Disney Licensing

Disney is on the roll this year with purchasing very big names into their business. First there was the acquisition of Marvel for $4 billion , and now just very recently, Lucasarts also for $4 billion.

Earlier this year, there were some hopes for this merge, as stated in the site back in February: And it’s good news for Marvel, which can use Disney’s muscle to become a bigger presence outside the U.S…The deal, says Marvel icon Stan Lee, “gives Disney a library of literally hundreds of unique and colorful characters that have the potential to make great, high-concept movies and long-lasting franchises — and nobody knows how to play in that ballpark better than Disney.”

Then there are concerns as said in an article about Lucasarts; Disney appears to be turning into a monopoly of sorts, meaning they are probably more concerned with milking more money for the companies to benefit from. And with all of these famous names with well-known franchises, there is even more doubt in whether they will exhaust any of their money supply into more original projects instead of spin-offs/sequels anytime soon.

I don’t think they’re joint ventures like Disney is with Pixar, so no Leila or Vader wearing a Mickey Mouse hat (or will there?), but I am a little worried about its direction in the future. I mean, I am also already worried with the release of this latest animation trailer here under Disney too (which is filled with poor choppy/uncanny animation and characters a lot of the times appear rotoscoped or traced straight from the Avenger’s movie, with no artistic expression or visual flow).



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