“Murder” by Yang Tzu Ting

“Not only the flesh, but the soul will be perfectly identical…”

This animation really emphasizes the possible consequences of playing God, and it starts with William Cooper, a scientist who was working on a cloning machine with his twin brother. After his brother was murdered by Tyler Smith, William wants to “revive” his beloved twin brother by cloning himself in a machine since they are one and the same in terms of personality and appearance. Notably, he does not appear to have any intention to seek direct vengeance against Tyler; instead he just wants his brother to be alive again, but also as a scientist see if cloning humans would work.

When William finally clones himself however, what he sees is a “monster” that holds similarities to himself (or his brother). An interesting string of events occur from there: he goes and kills his “twin” without any hesitation, as the blue skin and swirly eyes indicate that this clone is not sane. As he buries this clone however, it seems that he has started to reflect on his actions and true nature as he started seeing himself as the same image as the clone and by extension, the murderer Tyler.  In technicality, clone or not, he kills a part of himself in the process regardless.

As for the ending (after the end of the sequence before it goes back to him sitting on the chair)…I honestly don’t know how to interpret this from here. Is William in actuality Tyler Smith under a different alias? Did the clone actually win and take up that name? What do you guys think?


3 comments on ““Murder” by Yang Tzu Ting

  1. Bryan B says:

    This was really cool! Loved the visuals, chiaroscuro styles are my favorite.
    Can I make a similar recommendation in return? The Amazing Screw-On Head. It was supposed to be the pilot of a series, but it got scrapped in production and the team went to town with the remaining budget. It’s thematically and visually dark and minimalist, like this was (even if it is ultimately terribly silly).

    • miniscarlet says:

      Anything that uses sheer good use of contrast in colors/shading is always good in my book.
      I’ve yet to watch Amazing Screw-On Head. Did some research with Wikipedia and the fact that it’s created by the same person behind Hellboy is pretty interesting actually. I’ll definitely check this one out, thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Adelaide-Morain says:

    That’s really a very interesting short. I actually love that it was in French. The part that went back and forth between the I am Tylor and I am William was perfect in that language to me. Also, the visuals! The fight scene was both beautiful to watch and the sound effects were both practical and not awkward sounding like many animations are. I guess I keep focusing on all of the non-animation portions of creating an animation, but I feel like everything works together so well. That’s why I’m not even commenting on the plot which is still making my mind happy with the moral dilemma.

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