Paperman 2012

A black and white animated short scheduled for release on Nov.7, in theaters w/Wreck-It Ralph. This piece produced by Disney mixes 2D traditional elements with CG; it is made with the vision of exploring the way CG can be used in animation without giving it the usual “photorealism” treatment found in 3D. Judging by the appearance of the poster and some screenshots, it appears that the male protagonist will try sending love letters to the woman he loves via throwing paper airplanes into the air and then let fate have it land on her hands.

Video previews and tweets about this upcoming animation will be found in this storify post!


3 comments on “Paperman 2012

  1. After reading your article and watching those three short videos about this short movie I feel I wouldn’t mind giving this movie a look. In fact I want to but I don’t feel like paying to see Wheck it Ralph just to see this short. I’m not that interested in seeing that movie, and I’m going to leave it to the people of this website called “thatguywiththeglasses” to convince me to see it. That is if they decide to take a look at it. Anyway, the look of it was the first that caught my attention. It looks different in a way from the other cartoons I have seen in the West (and I would say even from Japan), and it’s different in a good way. Plus making it black and white just gives it even a nicer touch to it (and it would be fitting for the period this takes place in). I also love concept art of this. It’s like what the director said, those pictures told a story and not only that they looked and feel fluid and not stiff. Those were good examples of how gesture drawings should look and that’s how AI want to draw.

    Then there’s the story which also seems different in a good way. The idea for it is really unique and makes sense. There are people we probably have, or no I should say we have met, who we only have a short connection with but we never get the chance to take our relationships further because we are only apart of each others lives for a short time (or at least for me. I don’t know about you personally). I guess we could only hope that fate would lead us back to those people one day, just like the main character hopes his paper airplanes containing his love for this women reaches her.

    So I take it this short isn’t being made by Pixar this time.

    • miniscarlet says:

      Nope, it is made behind Disney’s name this time! And yeah I’m not planning on watching Wreck-it Ralph (mostly because of school schedule and 3D animation doesn’t pertain to this blog very much), so I’m hoping to watch the official video online somewhere.
      Here is a gifset that previews the animation style:
      Judging only by its still frames, it appears like traditional animation, but the visual flow is clearly 3-D like, but in ways that aren’t too uncannily similar to real life movements. I would actually love to see more of stuff like this in the future.

  2. Adelaide-Morain says:

    I love the idea of going back to an animation style that focuses on the original drawings again. Sure, CG is pretty, but sometimes it doesn’t carry the same character as the free-flowing motion of the original sketches. I’m really looking forward to this!

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