About the classic “Western/anime comparison discussions”…

EDIT: Starting next week, I’m going to post more than just reviews of shows I like; for a while now, I wanted to do a couple of Western/Japanese animation comparison posts, out of observation of all of the shows I have watched, but also explore what fandom says and does about both of them. (Originally I was going to post them this week, but I am still gathering my sources to use for these articles.)

(In this context Western animation will be a broad semantic term to describe animations in the west that includes countries like America and Britain, and Japanese anime is a more specific term regarding one country, because the latter has a very particular art style that is simultaneously unique when comparing to other countries’ aesthetics but somewhat monotonous in terms of character design within its own country. More about it in a future post).

This desire to write these kinds of posts is inspired in part by people (especially art teachers) around me still saying one type of animation is more “superior” than the other in terms of aesthetics and storytelling ability. Though a large number of people will say it’s not true and that both are equal, I’d like to get into the nitty gritty and explain in detail why both are just as effective in conveying their message to their audience as the other, if not just exploring the differences of why people would indeed prefer the other.


3 comments on “About the classic “Western/anime comparison discussions”…

  1. SA says:

    Interesting! I look forward to it, especially since I am a fan of both styles. For “Western,” will you be discussing more regarding the “American comic book style” or “animated cartoons in general” or something else?

  2. This seems interesting. I look forward to reading about this topic.

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