Live2D: Interactive 3D animation of 2D images

The concept idea in making any traditional drawing “move” and have it follow wherever your finger touches on the screen is very fascinating. This animation technology Shizuku Talk is actually available for download on mobile devices as well as the iPad if anyone is interested in seeing how it works.

Though it appears that this kind of technology would make animating a much quicker process in the future, the movements of hair and clothing for instance is still very automated and stiff looking to consider applying to advanced 2D animation. I think it would be great for visual novels however where only character talking heads are focused on while the dialogue boxes do their talking for them.



One comment on “Live2D: Interactive 3D animation of 2D images

  1. This reminds me of this animation feature my sister has on her phone that was related to this game all Ateleir Meruru. It’s basically use as an alarm clock featuring the main character of the game, Meruru, but you can do what that person was doing in the video and she can say a few lines. I would love to see this being use in animated shows one day when it becomes advance enough. Until then I agree that this is really good to use for for visual novels.

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