Gravity Falls: “Summerween”

(First off, I want to apologize for my lack of updates for this week, or at least for the week quota for my Emerging Media and Communications class. I recently got a wisdom teeth extraction on Thursday and I’m still recovering a bit. Hopefully after this post, I’ll be able to post every Tuesday and Thursday twice a week.)

The thing about Gravity Falls is, even though it airs on Disney Channel (albeit, on the night slot of 8pm here), there are some references in several episodes that some people in younger generations would not get (but will still be funny regardless), and it actually induces a great amount of nostalgia when anyone notices it. It is in all seriousness a great “general audiences of all ages” kind of show, with humor from characters that is actually very endearing and not overfilled with way too much snark. Really, if you haven’t watched this episode (or this show for that matter), go do so, you won’t regret it!

That said, I think nearly everyone who has watched Spirited Away would immediately catch the reference in this episode’s supernatural occurrence (“Summerween Trickster”) of the week. (Some of the fandom especially on Tumblr  also argue that along with the “No Face” parody, Slenderman and Alien vs. Predator was also referenced within the same episode!) But especially of the former, the resemblances are so uncanny the artist honestly didn’t have to confirm it, though it was really nice of him to!

There is also a small extra in the end of the episode for people who are familiar with the idea of “Internet memes”. The way the show keeps up with the latest trends in terms of popularity on and off the net is pretty amazing actually. :)


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